February 14, 2019

Cocktails, Careers and Canapes at The Alchemist with the Birmingham Trainee Solicitors' Society

Alchemist Lab Bar

Kelly Barker and Jane Biggs were delighted to host the BTSS at The Alchemist for their popular and lighthearted take on the traditional NQ talk. Inspired by The Alchemist's fantastic cocktail menu, the BTSS members heard about such cocktails as:

Peaches and Cream - the 2019 forecast is pretty peachy with demand particularly strong for those in transactional areas

Pot o' Gold - what can you expect to earn in Birmingham and beyond as an NQ

Mango Shake - don't get all shaken if your firm hasn't made you an offer by April, it's still early days and we were helping secure NQs roles as late as end August / beginning September last year

Pornstar Martini - don't be too promiscuous with your CV, keep a handle on where it's going, beware duplications

Long Island Iced Tea - one of these on every cocktail list and a legal recruiter everywhere you turn as you approach qualification BUT we are not all the same 

Ballbreaker - don't be one but don't allow your recruiter to be one. Don't be a recruiter's KPI and let them send your CV to every firm in the Legal 500 - establish if that firm is actually looking. We do not have any KPIs or targets on numbers of CV sent

Elixir - what's the long term secret to success? The ability to build a network and nurture professional relationships as they progress through their career if they are to be the partners of the future

Penicillin - Partners or HR might 'dispense' advice as you approach qualification but you need to speak to someone with the finger on the pulse of the NQ market

Aviator - are you looking at the short haul or long haul? What is your strategy? Where do you want to be in 2 or 5 years' time?

Sarah Williams (Lateral Recruitment Manager, Trowers & Hamlins) and Rupi Chandla (Gowling WLG and Legally Brum) joined Kelly and gave their own useful advice from the perspective of a hiring firm and an NQ who has recently been through the process.

If you would like a copy of our comprehensive NQ Career Guide 2019 or have any queries please get in touch with Kelly Barker on kelly@bygott-biggs.co.uk or 07786624673.



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