September 24, 2015

The NLSRG targets the Robin Hood Half Marathon

The NLSRG targets the Robin Hood Half Marathon

Having started the Nottingham Law Society Running Group in June, it soon became apparent that a good few members were using the group runs to compliment their training for the Robin Hood Half Marathon. In fact, eleven members of the group will be running the race on 27thSeptember, with others taking part in various other races in the Autumn, including the Birmingham Half Marathon and the Great North Run.

As well as offering the members a friendly and inclusive environment to begin or get back into running, the group has also provided those that are targeting a particular race an environment where they can share ideas and experiences on their way to achieving their race goals. Here is what some of our members had to say about their NLSRG experience:

“NLSRG has really helped my motivation by getting me out and running after work. I enjoy running with a group where many are also training for the same event, which means we can chat about progress, share tips and words of encouragement. The social element of the group makes the runs fun – personally I found the group really helpful and enjoyable. Thanks NLSRG!” Alexandra Emery, Nelsons.

“The NLSRG was a nice way to meet others from law firms in Nottingham. I am now signed up for the 10k run at Thoresby with a new contact I made from Freeths at the running group!” Elizabeth Savage, Browne Jacobson

“The running club has helped me commit to weekly 3-4 mile "easy" runs to stay on track with my half marathon training. I've also met quite a few other lawyers in Nottingham so have really enjoyed it along the way!”Louise Benski, Actons

“My training plan is sporadic at best but the NLSRG motivates me to go for a regular run which will hopefully make the Robin Hood Half that little bit more bearable” Sean Hooker, Bygott Biggs

I am not training for any events at the moment, however I have really enjoyed going out with the NLSRG as I have never before run in a group.  It has been great to meet other people and be inspired / motivated by their training.It has given me renewed enthusiasm for running.Not only that, I have run around parts of Nottingham which I have never seen before and met fellow professionals I wouldn’t usually come across in practice! Kathryn Meir, Ashton Bond Gigg

“The run the other night reminded me just how different running on the road is, compared to a treadmill! However, it was a real confidence boost and running as a group is certainly easier than running individually. I think the NLSRG will also give me that little bit more motivation over the next few weeks!” Wayne Vickers, Rothera Dowson

Thank you everyone that has taken part in our group runs over the summer and good luck to everyone who is racing over the coming weeks, I hope you achieve your goals. I will be running in the Robin Hood Half myself, as will my colleagues Richard and Sean. So if you are running or spectating on the day, feel free to shout some words of encouragement!

If you would like to join the NLSRG, we meet every Tuesday at 6pm by the Left Lion in the Market Square. If you would like to register your interest and receive our weekly update please email me at:

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