September 08, 2015

The results are in!

In May 2015 we created a short survey asking relevant and searching questions about the legal profession. 

Not “all about the money” but one in three lawyers now looking to move.

One in three lawyers is considering a move - that's according to an exhaustive new survey carried out by Bygott Biggs, the specialist legal recruitment consultants based in Nottingham with clients across the Midlands.

A third of respondents to the Bygott Biggs survey (which surveyed a cross section of the market across the Midlands) said that they were exploring the possibilities of leaving, with 25 percent citing career progression as the key motivation.

Interestingly, with more legal professionals on the move, just 9 per cent said they left their last job for financial reasons.

Other stand-out results from the survey reveal the fact that some 35 per cent of legal professionals now have no ambition to aspire to partner status and that the glass ceiling remains a factor for many women.

Meanwhile, long hours are still common in the legal sector, with 13 per cent saying they work 50-plus hours a week.

Jane Biggs, managing director of Bygott Biggs, said: “Our survey reveals that most lawyers feel confident about the future for the legal profession. However, many feel they are underpaid and a large number no longer aspire to partnership. The latter may have a longer term repercussion on the way the profession is shaped in the future. As we come out of the recession it will also be interesting to see how law firms face the challenge of how best to reward employees and retain talent.”

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