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Lateral Hires

In today’s rapidly changing market, partner lateral hires – ranging from individuals to complete teams – are increasingly important.

It’s easy to see why. Lateral hires, particularly those involving a team, can quickly add capability and depth to a firm, enabling them to expand more rapidly than would be possible through organic growth.

Of course doing this well requires an experienced consultant to make sure the aspirations of the firm dovetail perfectly with the abilities of the teams and individuals involved.

At Bygott Biggs we’re recognised experts in lateral hires and team moves. We understand the importance of getting the process right and the necessity of a strong business case. We can identify the skills and attributes you need and help undertake appropriate due diligence. 

Just as importantly we appreciate the challenges associated with lateral hires, and understand how to use our knowledge of both the market and your business to attract the best talent.

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