A strategic vision.



Business strategy

We understand law firms, the issues they face and the market in which they operate. Increasingly, our work involves more than just recruitment services and includes helping shape our clients’ business strategy. This can involve:

Talent Management

Increasingly firms have to fight in order to attract and retain the best talent. We talk to candidates every day, which gives us an excellent insight into their career aspirations and what motivates them to move. This knowledge help us advise firms on their recruitment and retention strategies.

Succession planning and exit strategies

Many firms face succession planning issues, perhaps as a result of scaling down their businesses during the economic downturn or simply through changing demographics. At the same time, many lawyers no longer see partnership as a glittering prize it once was. That’s because for the first time in living memory we’ve seen law firms fail, and in this situation lawyers have naturally become wary of taking on the risk and liability that comes with partnership. Others may be seeking a work/life balance that’s incompatible with the responsibility of partnership. In all these situations we can help firms thrive by developing effective partner recruitment strategies or planning mergers or acquisitions as a way forward. 

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